As part of my (Tiffany “Tipper” Gallagher/The Boob Geek’s) desire to spread as much good information about breastfeeding as I can, I occasionally give interviews for articles or blog posts written by other individuals on their own behalf or on the behalf of a business or organization, to be published or printed electronically or in print. I attempt to ensure that these pieces are not going to be used in media that is owned or controlled by businesses or organizations that do not uphold my mission and aim of evidence-based breastfeeding education, promotion, and advocacy, or that do not follow the aim and purpose of the World Health Organization’s International Code of Marketing Breast-milk Substitutes (International Code). However, since I am not the author or publisher, I do not have full control over how my words are used and where.

I may also, at times, consider the risks and benefits of working with a business or organization that may not abide by the International Code. In addition, my website, blog, articles, and other creations of my own are freely available to the public, and may be shared, quoted, or linked to by businesses or organizations with whom I do not have a relationship.

All this considered, the use of my intellectual property as a link, quote, or in any other manner does not constitute an endorsement, sanction, ratification, recommendation, or seal of approval of a particular business, organization, brand, advertiser, blog post, or idea.

Further, I do not accept sponsorship or advertisers for my website or blog at this time, and do not foresee doing so in the future. In the event that I attend sponsored events as a vendor, speaker, or any other professional capacity, I carefully consider sponsors and their adherence or lack of adherence to the International Code, and make every attempt to ensure that I am not directly affiliating myself or The Boob Geek brand with businesses or organizations that do not follow the aim and purpose of the International Code.

To read more about my opinions on sponsorship and endorsements, please see: